About Us

Trove Auctioneers!

  1. For over two decades, our parent company, Erlich, Kramer & Associates Antiquarians, LLC has specialized in selling antiques and rare books online. Eventually, under the parent company, the co-founders, Adrian and Alice Danescu opened the following three companies which focused on meeting the needs of our customers.
  2. Trove Auctioneers: an auction company complementing the other two services while allowing both, buyers and sellers to have access to multiple choices when it comes to buying or selling.
  3.  Burbank Books and Antiques located in Burbank, CA: a brick and mortar store focused on selling antique furniture, fine art, collectibles and rare books.
  4. California Estate Liquidators: an estate liquidation company which for the past three years has been a major driving force in liquidating estates in Southern California.
  5. We have now added to our staff, P. Alexander, a well-known antique dealer who has relocated from Florida to Los Angeles. P. Alexander now joins our company as the Director of Sales and Marketing. She has over 40 years experience as a dealer as well as a past owner of an auction house.
  6. Together, our new team has over 90 years of experiences with both American and European antiques, fine art, jewelry and collectibles. We look forward to using our experience as an advantage to our customers.
  7. On May 2017, Trove Auctioneers has opened an office in Bucharest managed by Catalin Nazarie, General Manager for Europe. In addition, today we have hired our new Legal Counsel, Dan Draghici, Esq. and our new Marketing Director, Sorin Enescu.
  8. While we all understand the difficulty of our task, the entire team is optimistic and looking forward to produce results.
  9. Each new member has been chosen based on their superior qualification and their knowledge of the European market and particularly Romania.

About Adrian & Alice

  1. Adrian Danescu is a 3rd generation antiques and rare books dealer. His uncle opened his first antique store in Lille, France. Upon migrating to Romania, he then opened another antique store in Bucharest, Romania in the early 1940s, which birthed Adrian’s passion for his profession.
  2. Adrian grew up in a home filled with original, mostly French furniture, originating from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as libraries packed with rare books. His uncle and mother also worked in a rare bookstore, and instilled in Adrian the love and appreciation for heirlooms and artifacts from the past. Initially, he became curious about antiques and rare books, however eventually learned from his family at a young age also about the beauty of collecting.
  3. Adrian worked for his uncle in Bucharest, Romania as an appraiser, and at the age of 22 he was selected to become the youngest appraiser for the Central Library of Romania. After his migration to United States, Adrian’s first profession was as a computer engineer and his achieved success in this profession, becoming an executive in the financial industry. It was around that time that he was also able to add first editions and rare first editions, as well as first printing signed copies to his cherished book collection. His home became a place where he could relax, while being surrounded by antiques and a collection of books nearing 8,000 in total.
  4. It has been over 20 years now that Adrian started buying and selling online collectible books and antiques. His passion for books was matched by his wife Alice’s love of vintage and antique furniture, jewelry, and fine art. In 2012, Adrian decided to quit his job as an executive, when he and Alice opened their first brick and mortar store in Burbank, California named Burbank Books and Antiques. Since then, they have never looked back!
  5. In 2013, the couple founded their second company, California Estate Liquidators and have since successfully liquidated over 25 estates in almost three years. When not working in the antique store, the two are out searching for further gems to add to their collection. Overall, they have located items stretching across a number of periods – from Art Deco, to the 19th Century and Art Nouveau. To enhance their collection, Alice and Adrian conduct annual trips to Europe, as well as exploring estate sales all throughout the state of California.
  6. It was after almost four years of running the store and liquidating estate sales, that Adrian and Alice felt the need to expand their services, complimenting their business with an auction house. At the end of 2015, they were able to officially open, Trove Auctioneers, which has fulfilled a dream they have shared since they first met in 1978. This dream being – to become a full-service provider for buying and selling antiques, fine art, rare books, rare and vintage jewelry and more, while doing so at affordable prices.
  7. Customers who have visited the shop can attest to the personal service they receive from both Adrian and Alice.
  8. Our reputation is the most important thing to me. We aren’t just another shop on the street, as we are trying to get to know our customers, while passing along on to them the same passion we have for collectibles and rare books. Most importantly, we want to learn about what they are looking for – now as well as in future. If we don’t have it now, we’ll find

To learn more about Adrian and Alice and how they can help you find the antique you’ve been looking for, get in touch with them at .