1. Our team has over 45 years of combined experience in buying and selling antiques and books. With this knowledge, passion and expertise, proudly offers estate liquidation services to individuals across Southern California. Our team recognize that today, more than ever, California residents are on the move. For various reasons, we all have to get rid of excess belongings at some time or another.
  2. If you are looking to de-clutter, we can help you scale down. If you need to move and don’t wish to take everything with you, we can help you liquidate your unwanted items so you can downsize your move.
  3. If you’ve lost a loved one and are faced with the ominous task of selling household items, we can assist in taking this responsibility off of your hands.
  4. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation about our estate liquidation services. We provide personalized assistance to all of our customers. We can also sell your items at auction if you want to maintain your privacy. Additionally, we can sell your items at your estate or arrange a full buyout.

Why do you need an estate liquidator?

As the table below describes, there are a number of reasons as to why you may need to work with an estate liquidator like us. We can help you sell the entire contents of your estate or individual items such as contemporary and antique furniture; fine art, books, memorabilia and ephemera; glass, china, silver, pottery and rugs; jewelry; and other items such as accessories, electronics, cars and clothing.

I need an estate liquidator as I’ve… I need help with…
…just lost a loved one …managing the whole estate sale as I’m still trying to get to grips with things emotionally. I just can’t handle baring the brunt of all this work and need someone to take the responsibility off my hands.
…got to de-clutter our house …getting rid of stuff I’ve accumulated over the years. I’m ready to reduce, scale down and earn some money from it.
…just dissolved a business property …all of the arrangements with regards to the property and it’s contents. I’m already bogged down with paperwork related to the business and just don’t have time to manage the sale.
…just dissolved my marriage …dealing with the stress of a divorce. Clearing out the contents is important buy I need someone else to do it as it’s a bit too stressful for me to manage right now.
…just started the process of moving and I’m downsizing …clearing out a number of items I just don’t have room for anymore. I need help with the liquidation of those assets so that I can ensure my move goes smoothly.


1) Digital cataloging: of every item to facilitate the sale and tracking of merchandise.

2) Pricing: of all items, using our own in-house research staff to appraise items appropriately.

3) Accurate pricing: of all estate sale items.

4) Professional photography: of all your items for pricing purposes, as well as for use in advertising and promotional picture previews of your sale items. We take the time and care to set up shots of your higher-priced items.

5) Estate sale promotions: we know how to get the word out about your estate sale in the Southern California area. As part of your package, we advertise your estate sales, along with preview items, in a number of high-traffic, highly- targeted online sites.

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Q: When will I receive profits from the on-sight estate sale?

A: You will receive funds within 7 working days following the last day of performed post- sale services.

Q: How does the process begin?

A: Our first step will be to meet with you and discuss the sale options and estate expectations. We will begin cleaning, setting up and displaying the merchandise to be sold within a few weeks of the sale dates. Click Here to download a sample of the contract that you will review and sign.

Next, all items are assessed and priced. The estimate for this process is 3 -4 days. We will then schedule the sale, estimated at 2-3 days. After the sale, we will ensure that all remaining items are picked up, donated or hauled away, and will then proceed to clean up the property.

Q: How are valuables appraised?

A: Valuables are appraised and reviewed with you to ensure you are in agreement with the appraisal.

Q: How will people find out about our estate sale?

A. We will provide all of the promotion for the sale without cost, as well as create and run the entire marketing campaign.

Q: Will you please summarize all of your services?

A: We handle all phases of your estate sale, such as the initial free consultation, post-sale clean-up, sale reporting, and pricing and selling of every item. We will clean, organize, re-arrange for optimal sales, and attractively display all items, from furniture and rugs to glassware, china, linens, kitchen utensils and outdoor furnishings. In addition to cash and checks, we accept Visa, Master Card and American Express to increase your sales.

To find out more about how we can help manage your estate sale, or give us a call on (818) 441-2031

Please view our terms and conditions before completing the Sellers Consignment Agreement.